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Mysteries and Hardcover Books
Our Holiday 2022 Santa offer is here! Click here for full offer details. To see all featured titles, click here.

Products in This Category
Arsne Lupin vs. Sherlock HolmesArsne Lupin vs. Sherlock Holmes
by Maurice Leblanc
Arsène Lupin and Sherlock Holmes match wits in eight short stories from Maurice Leblanc. Includes “Lottery Ticket No. 514,” “Sherlock Holmes Opens Hostilities,” “Second Arrest of Arsène Lupin,” “The Jewish Lamp,” and others. read more
Concerning the Spiritual in ArtConcerning the Spiritual in Art
by Wassily Kandinsky M.T.H. Sadler
Artists and thinkers alike will treasure this special hardcover edition of Wassily Kandinsky’s pioneering work. Along with his own groundbreaking paintings, this book had a tremendous impact on the development of modern art. read more
by Maurice Leblanc
The first collection of short stories by French novelist Maurice Leblanc — and the inspiration for countless retellings, interpretations, and adaptations—Lupin depicts the elaborate capers and adventures of a suave thief and master of disguise as he steals from the rich and powerful. Charmingly written and full of wit. read more
Sir Gawain and the Green KnightSir Gawain and the Green Knight
by Jessie L. Weston
One of the best-known Arthurian stories—adapted many times into verse, prose, games, and film—this unabridged republication of the 1909 edition is beautifully bound and finished with a decorated hardcover. read more

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