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Fantasy and Sci-Fi Stickers

Out-of-this-world stickers at down-to-earth prices! Starting as low as $1.50, these sticker books feature aliens, dragons, elves, fairies, mermaids, unicorns, wizards, and more, many that glitter or glow in the dark.

Products in This Category
Alien Invasion! StickersAlien Invasion! Stickers
by Chuck Whelon
Wonderfully wacky aliens are here — and they're ready to stick it to you! Twenty-four colorful creatures include a lobster monster, a four-armed cyborg, and other extraordinary extraterrestrials. read more
Demonic Dragons StickersDemonic Dragons Stickers
by George Toufexis
Eighteen ferocious stickers recapture the fiery appeal of dragons and their lore. Brilliantly colored images feature flying, flaming mythological animals that include the bold wyvern, the fearsome basilisk, other fantastical creatures. read more
Dragons StickersDragons Stickers
by Dianne Gaspas-Ettl
Exciting mini-collection contains 20 full-color peel-and-apply illustrations of fanciful beasts with multiple heads, wings, scaly bodies, forked tongues, and other awe-inspiring features.
read more
Garden Fairy StickersGarden Fairy Stickers
by Darcy May
Sixteen peel-and-apply portraits of irresistible winged creatures sunning themselves on zinnias, paying homage to a daisy, transporting daffodils, and more.
read more

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