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Celtic Animals Charted DesignsCeltic Animals Charted Designs
by Ina Kliffen
Forty-three color-coded charts, complete instructions, and easy-to-follow diagrams enable even beginners to create a wealth of fabulous patterns for a variety of needlecraft projects. read more
Celtic Animals Coloring BookCeltic Animals Coloring Book
by Mallory Pearce
Add your own hues to 43 colorable vignettes depicting stylized birds, fish, serpents, mythological creatures, and other fabulous fauna. For artists, craftspeople, and coloring book enthusiasts of every age.
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Celtic Art: The Methods of ConstructionCeltic Art: The Methods of Construction
by George Bain
This unique volume clearly demonstrates simple geometric techniques for making intricate knots, interlacements, spirals, Kellstype initials, human and animal figures, and other designs in distinctive Celtic style. Features over 500 illustrations. read more
Celtic Charted DesignsCeltic Charted Designs
by Co Spinhoven
Over 300 lovely designs from Book of Kells, Tara Brooch, and other authentic Celtic sources: spiral work, knot work, biomorphic patterns, and more.
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Celtic Design Coloring BookCeltic Design Coloring Book
by Ed Sibbett, Jr.
Add your own hues to an array of interlacings, geometric-animal combinations, decorative initials, and more, all from authentic Celtic sources including Book of Kells. Captions. 37 illustrations.
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Celtic Designs CD-ROM and BookCeltic Designs CD-ROM and Book
by Dover
Intriguing archive of 96 different black-and-white designs features the sinuous interlacements, stylized mythical creatures, abstracts, geometrics, and other elements that give Celtic art its unique distinction. read more
Celtic Designs and MotifsCeltic Designs and Motifs
by Courtney Davis
Over 100 Celtic motifs, both abstract and pictorial, have been adapted from authentic Celtic sources and include full- and half-page rectangles, triangles, circles, frames, borders, corners, and medallions. read more
Celtic Fairy TalesCeltic Fairy Tales
by Joseph Jacobs
Great folklorist's selection of the finest legendary and folk material from Welsh, Scottish, and Irish sources. 26 medieval and modern stories in all. 46 illustrations. read more
Celtic Fashions Coloring BookCeltic Fashions Coloring Book
by Tom Tierney
Forty-five ready-to-color illustrations document over 4,000 years of Celtic costume history — from cloaks of European Celts circa 2000 BC to the elaborately embroidered costume of a 20th-century Irish step dancer. Captions.
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Celtic Gods and HeroesCeltic Gods and Heroes
by Marie-Louise Sjoestedt
Noted French scholar and linguist discusses gods of the continental Celts, beginnings of mythology in Ireland, Irish mother-goddesses and chieftain-gods, and heroes. read more
Celtic Hand Stroke by Stroke (Irish Half-Uncial from "The Book of Kells"): An Arthur Baker Calligraphy ManualCeltic Hand Stroke by Stroke (Irish Half-Uncial from "The Book of Kells"): An Arthur Baker Calligraphy Manual
by Arthur Baker
Complete stroke-by-stroke guide to creating each letter of the alphabet in the beautiful, distinctive Celtic manner. Crystal clear instructions cover hand positions, strokes, pens, inks, paper, working surface, and more. 38 full-page plates, plus 8 illustrations in the instructions.   read more
Celtic Myths and LegendsCeltic Myths and Legends
by T. W. Rolleston
Masterful retelling of Irish and Welsh stories and tales, including Cuchulain, King Arthur, Deirdre, the Grail, and many more. First paperback edition. 58 full-page illustrations and 18 figures.
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