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The Autobiography of Margaret SangerThe Autobiography of Margaret Sanger
by Margaret Sanger
Sanger was a pioneer in establishing birth control as a basic human right and a founder of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Her autobiography is a classic of women's studies.
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The AwakeningThe Awakening
by Kate Chopin
First published in 1899, this controversial novel of a New Orleans wife's search for love outside a stifling marriage shocked readers. Today, it remains a first-rate narrative with superb characterization. New introductory note.
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The Price of Salt: OR CarolThe Price of Salt: OR Carol
by Patricia Highsmith
Heralded as "the novel of a love society forbids," Patricia Highsmith's 1952 lesbian cult classic recounts a chance meeting between two lonely women that leads to a passionate romance. The basis of the acclaimed 2015 film Carol. read more
The Promised LandThe Promised Land
by Mary Antin
This 1912 classic of the Jewish-American immigrant experience, whose author arrived in Boston from Russia as a child in the 1890s, offers a moving narrative of Old and New World cultures. read more
The Subjection of WomenThe Subjection of Women
by John Stuart Mill
This landmark in the struggle for human rights, written by the great English philosopher, argues for equality in all legal, political, social and domestic relations between men and women. read more
The Suffragette: The History of the Women's Militant Suffrage MovementThe Suffragette: The History of the Women's Militant Suffrage Movement
by Sylvia Pankhurst Emmeline Pankhurst
A thorough history of the suffragette movement from 1905 to 1910, this survey covers the founding of the Women's Social and Political Union, its growth, militant tactics, and arrests of its leaders. read more
The Woman's Bible: A Classic Feminist PerspectiveThe Woman's Bible: A Classic Feminist Perspective
by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Book-by-book examination of the Bible by pioneer in women's rights movement places events in their historical context, interprets passages as allegory and fact, and compares them with myths of other cultures. read more
The Yellow Wallpaper and Other StoriesThe Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories
by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Seven charming tales explore relations between the sexes and offer witty insights from a feminist perspective. Includes the 1892 title classic, plus "Cottagette," "Turned," "Mr. Peebles' Heart," and more.
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Today's Wonder Women: Everyday Superheroes Who Are Changing the WorldToday's Wonder Women: Everyday Superheroes Who Are Changing the World
by Asha Dahya
Prominent CEOs, entrepreneurs, activists, and other powerful women identify their superpowers — love, determination, vision, and grit — and share their wisdom and advice in ways that readers can assimilate into their own lives. read more
Woman in the Nineteenth CenturyWoman in the Nineteenth Century
by Margaret Fuller
This 1845 classic by prototypical feminist discusses the Woman Question, prostitution and slavery, marriage, employment, reform, many other topics. Enormously influential work is today a classic of feminist literature.
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Woman's Life in Colonial DaysWoman's Life in Colonial Days
by Carl Holliday
Classic study suggests that, in spite of hardships, many American colonial women led rich, fulfilling lives. Thoughtfully written, well-documented account explores daily lives of women in New England and Southern colonies. read more
Women and EconomicsWomen and Economics
by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
This classic of feminist theory relates the evolution of women's economic reliance on men and the system's deleterious effects on both sexes. A landmark treatise in the struggle for gender equality.
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