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Medieval English GardensMedieval English Gardens
by Teresa McLean
Illustrated survey of gardening lore from the Norman Conquest to the Renaissance reveals wealth of ancient secrets drawn from obscure sources, chronicling cultivation of pleasure gardens as well as herbariums, orchards, and vineyards. read more
Medieval Tales and Stories: 108 Prose Narratives of the Middle AgesMedieval Tales and Stories: 108 Prose Narratives of the Middle Ages
by Stanley Appelbaum
Wide-ranging stories offer a glimpse into witchcraft, magic, Crusaders, astrology, alchemy, pacts with the Devil, chivalry, trial by torture, church councils, mercantile life, other elements of Middle Ages.
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Mohammed and CharlemagneMohammed and Charlemagne
by Henri Pirenne
Remarkable classic that developed the revolutionary theory of how the advance and influence of Islam caused the Europe of the Roman Empire to evolve into the Europe of the Middle Ages.
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Murder for Pleasure: The Life and Times of the Detective StoryMurder for Pleasure: The Life and Times of the Detective Story
by Howard Haycraft
An expert in detective fiction traces its development from the 1840s through the 1940s, from Poe, Collins, and Doyle to Simenon, Tey, and others. "Genuinely fascinating reading." — The New York Times Book Review. read more
Mutual Aid: A Factor of EvolutionMutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
by Peter Kropotkin
In a work of stunning and well-reasoned scholarship, a famous anarchist posits that the most effective human and animal communities are essentially cooperative, rather than competitive. A powerful counterpoint to the tenets of Social Darwinism.
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My Autobiography: With "The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism"My Autobiography: With "The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism"
by Benito Mussolini
Recollections of the Italian dictator's public and private life — from his early years as an agitator and journalist to the "March on Rome" and his first years in power.
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My Bondage and My FreedomMy Bondage and My Freedom
by Frederick Douglass
Born a slave, Douglass became an outspoken force in the antislavery movement. The best of Douglass' autobiographies. Graphic description of slave life.
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My Life: An Attempt at an AutobiographyMy Life: An Attempt at an Autobiography
by Leon Trotsky
This priceless historical document features firsthand accounts from top levels of leadership in the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917, chronicling the struggle to establish a dictatorship of the proletariat. read more
On Guerrilla WarfareOn Guerrilla Warfare
by Mao Tse-tung Samuel B Griffith
The first documented, systematic study of a truly revolutionary subject, this 1937 text remains the definitive guide to guerrilla warfare. It concisely explains unorthodox strategies that transform disadvantages into benefits.
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On LibertyOn Liberty
by John Stuart Mill
Mill's eloquent 1859 treatise asks and answers provocative questions relating to the boundaries of social authority and individual sovereignty in a democratic society. Enduringly influential study.
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On ReligionOn Religion
by Karl Marx Friedrich Engels
In these letters and essays, the founders of Marxism discuss the origins and essence of religion and offer a thought-provoking introduction to the theoretical basis of proletarian atheism. read more
President Donald J. Trump Paper Dolls: Commemorative Inaugural EditionPresident Donald J. Trump Paper Dolls: Commemorative Inaugural Edition
by Tim Foley
Six realistic models portray the 45th President and his wife and children. A dazzling wardrobe of accurately re-created outfits includes their sumptuous evening wear for the Inaugural balls and galas. read more

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