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Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra LifePower-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life
by Chris Kohler Shuhei Yoshida
Enjoyable and informative examination of how Japanese video game developers raised the medium to an art form. Includes interviews, anecdotes, and accounts of industry giants behind Donkey Kong, Mario, Pokémon, and other games. read more
Puzzles and Paradoxes: Fascinating Excursions in Recreational MathematicsPuzzles and Paradoxes: Fascinating Excursions in Recreational Mathematics
by T. H. OBeirne
These marvelous, stimulating games for the mind include geometric paradoxes, cube and color arrangement puzzles, calendar paradoxes, much more. Detailed solutions prepare readers for puzzles of even greater complexity. read more
Remarkable Women Word Search PuzzlesRemarkable Women Word Search Puzzles
by Prof. M. C. Waldrep
One hundred word search puzzles will challenge even the most dedicated puzzle fanatics as they hunt for words associated with the names of famous women scientists, actors, musicians, politicians, others. Includes solutions. read more
Sports Search-a-Word PuzzlesSports Search-a-Word Puzzles
by Frank J. D'Agostino
Young sports fans will love finding hidden sports-related words in 50 themed puzzle grids: baseball, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, track and field, cycling, skateboarding, volleyball, many more. Solutions. read more
Sports Word Search PuzzlesSports Word Search Puzzles
by Frank J. D'Agostino Ilene J. Rattiner
Sports fans, trivia enthusiasts, and anyone who loves brain games will welcome this collection of 100 word search puzzles. Themes range from team, water, and Olympic sports to martial arts. read more
TV Trivia Word Search PuzzlesTV Trivia Word Search Puzzles
by Ilene J. Rattiner
Search for words associated with 100 of the biggest TV shows of all time, from All in the Family to This Is Us, Game of Thrones, Law & Order, more. read more
Test Your IQTest Your IQ
by Dover Publications Vali Tamm
This fascinating resource can help the curious test their intelligence quotient in a fun and simple way. Covering a wide range of skills, 11 IQ tests feature 60 questions each. Complete answers are included. read more
The Art of String FiguresThe Art of String Figures
by International String Figure Association
Compiled from  issues of String Figure Magazine, simple instructions and easy-to-follow photographs offer step-by-step guides to creating more than two dozen captivating string figures, accompanied by brief accounts of their historical background. read more
The Big Brain Puzzle BookThe Big Brain Puzzle Book
by Terry Stickels
This colossal collection of more than 200 puzzles offers challenges involving creative thinking, mathematics, logic, language and wordplay, visuals, and general knowledge. Complete solutions appear at the end. read more
The Bogot PuzzlesThe Bogot Puzzles
by Bernardo Recamn
A Colombian mathematician and professor assembled these 80 brainteasers while living in Bogotá, forming a stimulating collection of word problems, puzzles involving chess pieces, sudoku-style challenges, other math-based diversions. Solutions included. read more
The Book of Tangrams: 700 PuzzlesThe Book of Tangrams: 700 Puzzles
by Sam Loyd
The tangram's challenge lies in arranging seven geometrical pieces — a square, rhomboid, and five triangles — into a variety of different shapes. These 700 absorbing puzzles include complete solutions. read more
The Saturday Evening Post MORE Spot the Differences Picture PuzzlesThe Saturday Evening Post MORE Spot the Differences Picture Puzzles
by Peter Donahue
Get ready to test your powers of observation — again! Here are 25 more pairs of full-color illustrations of classic covers from The Saturday Evening Post, one with up to 18 subtle changes from the unaltered original art. read more

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