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U.S. Presidents & First Ladies Word Search Puzzles
Author:David Marshall, Frank J. D'Agostino, Ilene J. Rattiner, Victoria Fremont
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Dimensions:8 1/4 x 10 7/8
Brush up on your American history trivia skills with this fun-filled puzzle book!
History buffs, trivia enthusiasts, and anyone who loves brain games will welcome this collection of word search puzzles. All of the 88 puzzles and their solutions offer an entertaining approach to American history, and every page contains clues to interesting tidbits about the life and times of Presidents and First Ladies, from George and Martha Washington to Donald and Melania Trump and everyone in between.
Discover which President had a pet alligator, which First Lady was the first woman to appear on a U.S. postage stamp, Dolley Madison's nickname for her husband, and scores of other fun facts. An alphabetized list appears above each puzzle grid, providing readers with clues. Solutions to all puzzles are featured at the end of the book.
Dover Original.

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