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Real Estate Investing for Everyone: A Guide to Creating Financial Freedom
Author:Martin Stone
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Dimensions:5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Investment in real estate is about taking control of your financial future. All too often, potential investors overlook available benefits because the process seems too difficult or beyond their means. In this guide, expert investor and adviser Martin Stone demystifies buying property by tracing the steps from beginning to end, helping you define your financial and personal goals in order to build a successful and realistic plan. He goes straight to the heart of why multiunit buildings are such solid long-term investments, offering easy-to-follow guidelines that allow you to pursue your dreams. 
Loaded with vital information on the world of real estate, this guide offers insider secrets on tax shelter benefits and money-saving techniques for valuing property correctly and determining its most profitable use. Stone also provides time-saving tips on borrowing money and discovering which investments have the potential to turn into tomorrow's hot commodities. The book features handy checklists and charts to assist in putting together a top-rate investment plan, generating cash flow, and choosing the best real estate team. Filled with actionable advice gleaned from the author's decades of business experience, Real Estate Investing for Everyone sets you on the path to building wealth for a secure future.
An Ixia Press Original.

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