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A Voice from the South
Author:Anna Julia Cooper, Janet Neary
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A cornerstone of black feminist and political theory, this collection of essays focuses on racial progress and women's rights. A Voice from the South, written in 1892, is regarded as the first statement of black feminism. Despite their imprint of nineteenth-century social thought, these essays possess an urgent, modern tone, characterized by an emphasis on debate and a scintillating wit. Topics include the importance of women's education as well as African Americans' economic roles and their literary representation.
A noted member of Washington, D. C.'s African American community, Anna Julia Cooper (1858 - 1964) rose to prominence as a leading scholar, educator, and activist at the end of the nineteenth century. Born into slavery, she was the fourth African American woman to earn a doctoral degree, receiving a PhD in history from the University of Paris-Sorbonne in 1924. This edition includes an informative Introduction to Cooper's life and work by Janet Neary.
Reprint of The Aldine Printing House, Ohio, 1892 edition.

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