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An Introduction to Greek
Author:Henry Lamar Crosby, John Nevin Schaeffer
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Generations of students have discovered the enduring pleasures of ancient Greek with this classic text. Supplemented by exercises, readings, and review lessons, it presents concise but thorough coverage of grammatical forms and syntax. Students advance from the simple fundamentals of the alphabet and declensions to the complexities of conditional sentences, and they acquire a Greek vocabulary of more than 600 basic words.
Each chapter begins with a Greek motto, offering insights into classical attitudes and values. Reading selections include the works of Plato, Herodotus, and Homer as well as excerpts from ancient playwrights and the New Testament. More than 120 illustrations depict images of Greek culture related to archaeology, history, and literature. This comprehensive introduction also features Greek-to-English and English-to-Greek glossaries, a complete grammatical appendix, and supplemental information on word formation and etymology.
Reprint of the Allyn & Bacon, Boston, 1928 edition.

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