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Frankenstein: The Lynd Ward Illustrated Edition
Author:Mary Shelley, Lynd Ward
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Dimensions:6 1/8 x 8 1/4
Nearly 200 years ago, a teenager dreamt of a scientist who experimented with restoring life to the dead. Encouraged by her literary-minded friends, she expanded her fantasy into a gripping story that became the epitome of the Gothic novel. Mary Shelley's suspenseful narrative of a misbegotten monster's revenge resounds with compelling questions about ambition, responsibility, and other issues that continue to enthrall modern readers.
Acclaimed as both the first modern horror novel and the first science-fiction novel, Frankenstein has inspired numerous interpretations. This magnificently illustrated edition features the complete wood engravings by graphic artist Lynd Ward. A master of woodcut technique, Ward combined elements of Art Deco and German Expressionism in his images. His unusual perspectives and dramatic light-and-dark contrasts offer the perfect complement to Shelley's moody masterpiece.
Reprint of the Harrison Smith and Robert Haas, New York, 1934 edition.

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