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Great Inventors and Inventions Coloring Book
Author:Bruce LaFontaine
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Format:Coloring Books
Dimensions:8 1/4 x 11
From Johannes Gutenberg's fifteenth-century printing press to Charles Hard Townes' relatively recent development of the laser, this fascinating coloring book encompasses five centuries of technology. Forty-five finely detailed drawings depict inventors and their historically important devices, comprising an inspiring survey of advances in science and industry.
The excellent illustrations include James Watt's steam engine (1763), David Bushnell's submarine (1776), Count Alessandro Volta's battery (1800), and Samuel Morse's telegraph (1837). Among other featured innovations are Karl Benz's motorized wagon (1885), Thomas Edison's electric light bulb (1878-79), moving picture kinetoscope (1876) and phonograph (1895), Henry Ford's assembly line (1908), Jacques Cousteau's aqua lung for scuba divers (1942), and many more.
Informative captions provide background information about the inventors and their inventions, making this not only an entertaining volume for coloring book enthusiasts but also an educational and fact-filled guide to developments in the world of science and technology.
Dover Original.

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