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Space Age Mazes
Author:Dave Phillips
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Dimensions:8 1/4 x 11
Young puzzlists and space explorers will want to follow every twist and turn of these stimulating intergalactic escapades. Thirty-six delightful mazes of varying difficulty, each with its own objectives and restrictions, test the determination and skills of space age adventurers as they thread their way through meteor showers and asteroid belts; navigate the correct path around the sun; study a comet, without entering its tail; battle invisible enemy warships; defend against the furious space monster Clytem; find a way out of a space bug swarm; attempt to stay clear of energy bolts from an ion storm; locate the wise Nameless Being without getting lost; fly by Saturn while avoiding the deadly rings; and embark on other exciting tests of mental dexterity!
Ideal for developing problem-solving abilities, these fascinating and challenging mazes promise hours of fun-filled entertainment ― and, what's more, the mazes, extraterrestrials, and interstellar objects can all be colored to suit the tastes (and imaginations) of young space travelers. Captions explain objectives for each maze; solutions appear at the end of the book.

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